Build A Line Challenge From B’sue Boutiques .. Clever Designs by Jann .. Part Two


Brookings .. Oregon
Brookings .. Oregon

What an adventure the last 28 days have been.  My design line is really coming along great and I’m very happy with my progress.  I plan on having 8 levels in my pyramid with prices ranging in Level 1 thru 4 from $15.00 to $50.00.  Level 5 thru 8 are priced higher and are limited editions.

When starting the process of writing my blog and adding pictures something was missing.  Fireworks started going off in my head and I had one of my aha moments … I need names for my jewelry pieces.  So let me introduce you to a few pieces in my new jewelry line ..

Level 1 ..

Adventure In The Sea Earrings .. are made with shells, B’sue components and of course pearls ..

Adventure In The Sea Earrings .. Price Range $15.00 to $20.00

Sea Shell Earrings
Sea Shell Earrings
Adventure In The Sea Earrings
Adventure In The Sea Earrings

Level 2 ..

Adventurous Mermaid .. I did run into an issue with my reversible mermaid necklaces shown below. Originally I wanted to use mother of pearl as my center piece but they were all to thick.  The front and back of my B’sue components would not seal tight.  After many hours of brainstorming and walking the hobby store isles I found a solution for my reversible Adventurous Mermaid Necklace .. Burlap .. what do you think ?

Adventurous Mermaid .. Price $32.00

Adventurous Mermaid Necklace.
Adventurous Mermaid Necklace.


 Doesn’t every lady want to fill like a Goddess sometime in their life?

Take a look at Level 3

Level 3 ..

Sedna has a rhinestone waistband and hangs from a beautiful B’sue connector. Both of these pieces are painted using alcohol inks.  Brass chain, jade beads and vintage pearls are used in the chain.

 Sedna Goddess Of The Sea .. Price $38.00

Sedna Sea Goddess
Sedna Sea Goddess

Sinann has copper wire wrapped around her tail with pearls and crystals and she hangs from a beautiful B’sue connector.  Copper chain, pearls and crystals are used in the chain.

 Sinann Goddess Of The River .. Price $38.00

Sinann Goddess of The River
Sinann Goddess of The River

Susanoo has a rhinestone waistband and hangs from a beautiful B’sue connector. I used Rusty Black components in this piece and slightly buffed them back so that a small amount of copper shows.

Susanoo Goddess of Storms and The Sea .. Price $38.00

Susanoo Goddes of Storms and The Sea
Susanoo Goddes of Storms and The Sea

Seri .. B’sue rhinestone seahorse is just so pretty .. Seri dangles from a beautiful B’sue connector and I used B’sue vintage pearl chain ..

Seri Indians of Northwestern Mexico .. Price $38.00

Seri I Seahorse Necklace
Seri I Seahorse Necklace

Level 4 .. Sabrina .. I love B’sue mermaid / seahorse heart component .. I used 3 different swellegant patina’s to get my desired color.  Sabrina is ready to ride a wave ..

Sabrina .. Celtic River Queen .. Price $48.00

Sabrina Celtic River Queen
Sabrina Celtic River Queen

Level 5 .. Will Be Announced at Bead Hop 3

Level 6 ..

Seashore cuff bracelet’s are sold as a limited edition.  Each one of these bracelets are wrapped with either silk or lace.  Each component is wearing rhinestones and is tangled in tea tied lace.  Flat back pearls and other charms are on all cuffs.  

Seashore .. Limited Edition .. $55.00 $65.00

Seashore Cuff Bracelets
Seashore Cuff Bracelets

Level 7.. Will Be Announced at Bead Hop 3

Level 8 .. Will Be Announced at Bead Hop 3

My process for designing is normally done in my head and it makes me a little crazy sometimes. Going thru this procedure I have learned to prepare, take control and to stop over thinking my designing.  I am a huge visual, I now have a dedicated area for my components and beads for the projects I am working on.

Adventure In The Sea Work Table
Adventure In The Sea Work Table

The B’sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge (BALC) is being taught by our mentor Brenda Sue Lansdowne and is sponsored by B’Sue Boutiques .. What a fun Group ..

Did you watch Brenda’s video “Jewelry Design One of a Kind Pieces Versus a Cohesive Jewelry Line from B’sue”?  Wow what an eye opener and it really got my juices flowing .. If you haven’t watched this video you should take the time ..!/groups/bsueboutiquescreativegroup/

Thank’s for reading my Blog and I hope you enjoyed my 28 days of makering.  Listed below are the amazing designer’s who are participating, please check out what they have been up to.  Mark your calendar for March 20th which is the final chapter of BALC Blog Hop ..

fish quote

Thank you .. Jann XoXo






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77 thoughts on “Build A Line Challenge From B’sue Boutiques .. Clever Designs by Jann .. Part Two

  1. OMG I’m speechless!!! Your pieces are drop dead gorgeous!!!! What an amazing collection you’ve put together Jann. Bravo!

    You my friend are going to break the Internet with these beauties 🙂

    And the names you chose for your pieces are awesome too. Well thought out in terms of pricing too.

    Oh I can’t wait until you launch your line. I’m so excited for you 🙂


  2. The snippets posted in the group were just a teaser! This is a fabulous line, Jann. Can’t wait to see the top tier. Oh….and the burlap ROCKS!! I’m thinking burlap may be another “line”!!


  3. I love the touch of burlap, it ‘s like the mermaid got caught in a net! Brilliant! I have to say though, I think you are under pricing your work… with all the painting/patina going on, that takes time. I just think you need to rethink your prices upward to reflect all the hard work you are putting into this.


  4. Such lovely pieces. You really have the pricing figured out! Love your cuffs, they are wonderful and of course the various mermaid necklaces. Looking forward to seeing your final pieces. ~Ingrid


  5. I’m so impressed with your pieces-your designs, colors, and theme. You have such variety within your line! I agree, pricing is hard, but I’m with Kat and think you could increase your prices. Your work is just so lovely with so much attention to detail.


  6. I love your theme as I too love the ocean. And I just knew that you were going to do mermaids. And I am like you I am visual and I see things in my head I don’t write anything down. Sometimes that leads to forgetting. But I think your jewelry line is lovely and anybody that loves the beach is going to love wearing your jewelry. And I liked your solution for your double-sided necklace I think the burlap fits well with the theme what a great idea

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Ok now I need to dig out the three dog night album lol That’s what you tube if for though isn’t it?? Love your tiered system and the pieces you’ve placed in them. I have to say Seri LOOKS more expensive than the price you have her. All beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing the final reveal!!


    1. Yes Seri does looks more expensive butreally is about the same cost as everything else at that level .. I am going to take a look at my pricing before the next blog and maybe I might make an adjustment .. Thank you for you comments .. Hugs


  8. Jann, your blog is so great. I love your photos, love that you talked about your progress/process. The burlap solution is perfect. And all your designs are stunning; your attention to detail shows. Lovely!


    1. Nike you are to kind thank you so much .. I haven’t gotten to your blog yet but I will .. Blog 1 I read all day and I’m not going to do that this time .. finishing up onmy fuf which should have been introduced on this blog .. not enough hours in the day .. Hugs

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Jann, they are beautiful pieces! Your pricing tier if fantastic and love your limited edition cuffs. Awesome. I do like the burlap. Are you using that on the cuffs also? It sort of reminds me of fishnetting.


    1. thank you so much Lee .. wow I never thought about using burlap on one of my cuffs .. thanks for the suggestion and I will try it .. I haven’t gotten to your blog yet, on the 1st blog I read all day until my eyes were bugging out .. going to go at a slower pace this time .. hugs ..

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Maria .. pricing is hard .. some people made note that I’m pricing to low .. I will go back and relook at everything before our next blog and maybe make some adjustments .. I haven’t made it to your blog yet .. looking forward to seeing and commenting on yours .. thanks again .. Hugs


  10. These are just absolutely, gorgeously beautiful! I just love how you’ve built such a cohesive theme and pyramid. Personally, I think everything after the earrings should be priced at least $10 higher! You have done a fabulous job and can be so proud. And your cuffs are so unusual and lovely. Way to go!!! :):)


    1. Alexandra .. thank you so much for commenting ..I am so excited about my Adventure In The Sea jewelry line & I’m happy you like it .. several other members have made comment on my pricing so I will take a look at it and maybe increase it .. Thank you again .. Hugs


  11. Love seeing all of your beautiful pieces that you have completed this far along. They are beautiful. I love all the stampings that you used they all go so well together. Wonderful designs. Great idea to post prices. Gives us chance to see how others are pricing their items and what others think about it. Can’t wait to see the completed line.


  12. Wow I always love all of your artwork but I think this line takes the cake!!! Just beautiful! I love how you have broken down the price range it gives me great insight on how the prices can be set and done!! I love your beautiful blog but most of all I love mermaids with bling it is just priceless! Great job classmate! Louise


    1. Louise .. your comments are so nice thank you so much .. I’m working hard on levels 5, 6, 7 and 8 .. I hope I can get them all finished .. I’m still reading blogs and hope to finish up by Monday so that I can start makering again ..


  13. Jann–That is so cool that you’ve been able to think of names for each of your pieces. Very clever. I love the detail of your pieces and how you told us how you arrived your solutions for them. Very well thought out and beautiful pieces.


    1. Thanks so much Lynda I appricate you commenting .. All the names start with the letter “S” and I still have a few more I can use .. Your blog is next on my list .. going to go read it right now .. Hugs


  14. Ahhh Jann, When I look at your lovely mermaids I wish I were back living by the ocean. I told you on FB once when I see your things it reminds me of the song “By the Sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea,” and now every time I see your work I sing that song in my head. These pieces are fun and pretty with your own stamp on them. I think you will do well.


    1. Jjan .. thank you so much .. I am writing this down in my journal, “By the Sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea,” I love it and might use it when preparing one of my blogs .. I have not made it thru all the blogs yest but i’ll hopefully finish up tomorrow .. Looking forward to March 20 and showing you more of my creations .. Hugs


  15. Jann, all of your pieces are just gorgeous! I like the way you named all of your pieces and your pricing tiers. You have an extraordinary line.


    1. Thank you so much Vonda .. I need to go back and relook at my pricing tiers .. so many members made statements or I received PM that I need to charge more .. so it’s back to the drawing board on that topic .. I haven’t finished reading all the blogs yet and hopefully I’ll get them all read my tomorrow .. Hugs


    1. Thank you Linzi .. I know 8 levels and now I might need to change it again .. some of my pieces in level 3 might need to go up in cost some .. Looking forward to March 20th and seeing more of your jewelry design ..


    1. Cynthia .. thank you so much .. If I could have a wish list it would be more sea components listed at B’sue, boy I would go crazy .. Looking forward to March 20th and seeing more of your jewelry design .. Hugs ..


  16. This is a wonderfully thought out, cohesive well done line! And IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! LOL They all have the AWWW factor and are a good stepping stone for each other. Really well done Jann! Be Blessed!!!


  17. Hi Jann
    Here I am once again slowly but surely making my way through eveyone’s 2nd hop post!!- Just can’rt multi -task like I used too! Oh well… gotta laugh right??!! LOL
    Anyhoo…. Your line is really looking great!! Love those little shell dangle earrings!! It all looksw great but really love the cuffs as well as the reversible necklace!
    Look forward to seeing your last tiers at the 3rd blog hop!
    xo Liz


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