Problem’s With Commenting On My Blog ??

B’sue Boutiques Design Team Challenge first Blog Hop was held on January 23rd and was very successful.  Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on my new design line “Adventures In The Sea” .  Several people advised me that they were having a issue finding the comment section on my blog .. all you need to do is click on the title above and it will open my blog , go to the bottom and you will find the comment section ..

Working at my B'sue Design table
Working at my B’sue Design table

My Adventure In The Sea line is coming along .. I have 3 pieces completed and several works in progress .. here is a sneak peak ..


WIP Mermaid Necklace
WIP Mermaid Necklace


WIP Mermaid and Heart's
WIP Mermaid and Heart’s

Have you ever shopped at B’sue Boutiques .. click on the link and check out the beautiful components ..

Thanks again everyone and .. May your life be filled with relaxing sunsets and sand between your toes  .. XoXo

26 thoughts on “Problem’s With Commenting On My Blog ??

  1. Love the colors you got for the mermaids Jann. I’m using the aqua copper ones, the brass ox and the rusty black. Tried colorizing the rusty black today, didn’t like how it turned out lol Back to more colorizing tomorrow 🙂


    1. Marica .. I’m using all of those colors also .. the two pieces I already completed I used the aqua copper, which is my main color. The rusty black I’m not sure on yet. Looking forward to seeing your designs .. xo


  2. I just love all of your work and Mermaids are one of my favorite inspirations!!! I can not wait to see your beautiful line!! Just beautiful!!!


  3. Aha! I figured out how to comment. Your pieces you are working on are very pretty, Jann. You are coming right along with your line.


  4. Jann, most of my summers were spent with a crab net in my hand walking the shoreline, scooping up crabs and just loving being a little kid, covered in salt and sunlight. What a great theme you’ve got going here. It is so part of me that it takes me back! I love being in this group with you! We are so blessed to have this opportunity…Meanwhile, looks like you are on track for a wonderful line!


  5. Jann, your line is beautiful and I love the names. I can tell a lot of thought has gone into the process. Looking forward to more.


    1. Hi Jennifer .. thank you for such a nice comment, I appricate you following me and liking my Adventure In The Sea jewelry line .. I am busy designing a few more pieces and hope to have something to show everyone on Friday .. 🙂


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