Clever Designs by Jann .. Build A Line Challenge Master Class 2016 .. Part 2


Today is February 26th and this is our 2nd Blog Hop for the Build A Line 2016 Challenge .. Our next Blog Hop will be on Friday, April 1 and I will be revealing my new Country Chic Line on that day ..

I have learned more about myself as a Designer in this class & finally understand what it takes to build a jewelry line.  I want to thank  our instructor Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’sue Boutiques for showing me the ropes. Brenda is an outstanding designer, business owner, instructor and mentor .. Thank you again Brenda for this journey ..

The list below is a few of the discussions we have had ..

  • Design Influences
  • Collages
  • What type of maker are you, Hobbyist, Maker or Designer
  • Your Desire to move up or down in jewelry making

I subscribe to a magazine called Cowboys & Indians thinking I would find a Designer that I could connect with .. I’m still searching for that connection.

I love the designer Miriam Haskell .. Her style is over the top Gorgeous .. I have made a few necklaces that were influenced by her designs .. Take a look below ……

m haskell

Miriam Haskell Design Above

My Designs Below

m haskell 3

m haskell 4

m haskell 1

m haskell 2

m haskell 5

I love collages .. I use PicsArt and PhotoGrid to do my editing .. I’m still learning ..  Examining my previous pictures to my current pictures I have gotten better .. I still have problems with lighting .. If I only had more hours in the day or if I could split myself into two .. Ha Ha !!!!!!

Here are 2 different Collages that were made recently ..

cross necklace set 1

heart angel black necklace 2

During the month of February we had a long discussion on what we felt we are as a jewelry maker .. A Hobbyist, Maker or Designer ..

  • A HOBBYIST is someone content with dabbling and doing their own thing.
  • The Jewelry MAKER is more serious about the business end of things. They may very actively honing their craft and experimenting with ‘what works’.
  • The Jewelry DESIGNER has developed a brand and a recognizable, cohesive look.   They have done all the things that the hobbyist and the maker have done

I started out as a Hobbyist, making jewelry for myself, family, friends, contest and a few sales .. I have developed myself into a Designer but with still a small amount of Maker in me ..

Another question was asked .. “Do you have the desire to convert up or down” .. It’s taken me several years to get where I’m at and I sure don’t want to go backwards at this time in my life .. It only get’s better .. I sale my jewelry at Etsy, FaceBook and Pinterest ..

Below are a few pictures on what’s going on at my design table .. sorry I can’t show you any completed pieces right now .. stay tuned in for the next Blog Hop on April 1 ..

Here are a  few components I’m using for my Country Chic Line .. yes I do have more

uninished necklace 2

Waiting to be revealed on April 1

unfinished necklace 1

Something sweet dangles from the chain

unfinished necklace 3

Thank you for reading my blog and I would appreciate your comments .. please go all the way down to the bottom of my blog to find the comment section ..

The list below are all participants, be sure to visit their Blogs and you can start following them also .. see you soon .. Jann


Brenda Sue Lansdowne  Jewelry Making Outside the Box

Diana Buynak  –  Butterfly Emporium Ceramic Studio

Irene Hoffman  – Heartsdezirebyirene

Clare Wells Nemeth  – Creative Magick

Mary Reckmeyer –  Afrayedknot

Marcia Tuzzolino  – Aurora Designs

Elizabeth Wilks – Wearable Art by Lizzie

Jeanette Rose Belmont – One Canvas at a time

Lyn Joy Reeve – A Journey from Jewels to Jubilation

Belinda Reed-Ingle  – Vogue Rocks

Beth Trubman – The Journey of Jewelry

Carole Carlson – Beadsophisticate

Jann Tague – Clever Designs by Jann …………… YOU ARE HERE

Shari Gardner – SLG Jewelry Designs

Susan Bolton – Fern’s Place

Chris Kemp – NoodlePie Bracelets

Barbara Kelley – Angels’ Keep

Susan Bowerman – Woodside WireWorks

Pamela Anger – Novegatti Designs

Joan Donovan – Hailey’s Cottage

 Alison Huie – Ally’s Baubles

Sharon Palac – Sharon’s Jewelry Garden

Erica Olmos – Beeb’s Closet

Erin Whitacre – Shattered Time Jewelry

Fran Sitton – Sitton Up Front

Ginger Hammond – Lynn Leigh Designs

Paula Gaskill – Lovely LaylaBug Jewels 

Mary Katherine – The Rose Sword 

Renee Webb Allen – Small Stuff Design

Valerie Tilghman- ArtJewelsandGifts

Chris Cravens Vintage Cravens

Leslie Carver

Donna Parry, JewelryDonna

Gina-Marie Hammer – Tangles, Twists and Treasures

Kelly Wymer  Winged Wisdom Enchantments


flower cart




36 thoughts on “Clever Designs by Jann .. Build A Line Challenge Master Class 2016 .. Part 2

  1. Your designs that were inspired by Miriam Haskell are beautiful. I love all the pics and can’t wait to see your complete line of jewelry.


  2. Jann I just loved your blog and I miss being with all nofd you this time around. I love your Miriam Haskell inspired pieces their drop dead gorgeous and your color pallet is always define. I look forward to seeing your new line finished it will be fabulous! Love ya bunches girl! XOXO!


  3. Wonderful blog Jann, and like Marcia, I so admire your interpretation of the Haskell style jewelry. Looks the you are going to have so much fun with the Country Chic line. What you’ve done so far is looking mighty fine!


  4. Jann, what a great blog post. You know how I feel about your jewelry designs and I know you put your heart and soul into every piece. I can’t wait to see your “Country Chic” line which I’m sure will be rootin’, tootin’, stompin’ good. So what more can I say other than “Giddyup Girl!” 😉


  5. Nice post, Jann! I really like how you described what’s been going on in the class, and you recapped the descriptions of Hobbyist, Maker, and Designer. The post was an easy read, and informative, but I really want to hear more about you. I understand where you’re coming from, and I identify with not wanting to go backwards – boy do I identify! I just feel like there’s more I want to know! Maybe that’s a good thing, since I’ll keep coming back for more, right? Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with those mustaches!


  6. Jann, I found that I had to sign up to follow you to get to leave a comment. Well worth the effort for me so I can say, “Giddy-up Cowgirl!!” I admire you and your California gal-pals that are so prolific in your creations. It inspires me to “saddle up” myself.


  7. Hi Jann, It took me a bit to figure out how to comment to your post. For those of you still struggling, click the “like” button and then a little box will show up asking if you wish to make a comment. Anywho, I love your chabby chic idea and can’t wait to see your final line.


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