Clever Designs by Jann .. Build A Line Challenge Master Class 2016 .. Part 1

Hi everyone, welcome to my Blog and to B’sue Boutique 2016 Build A Line Challenge .. I’m Jann Tague of Clever Designs by Jann .. Today is January 29, 2016 and it’s the big reveal day for our Second Build A Line Challenge from B’sue Boutiques http://www.bsueboutiques.  This is part one of a series of three Blog Hops and our instructor is Brenda Sue Lansdowne .. I hope you will follow my journey for the next three months.

Blog Hop Dates ..

Friday Jan 29 .. TODAY

Friday February 26

Friday April 1



2015 me

I have been designing jewelry since 2006 .. I reconnected with a high school friend and she introduced me to Bead Embroidery .. I fell in love with all of those tiny beads immediately.  I have entered many shows and contest through out my journey and have walked away with several first place ribbons ..

Here is a picture of my very first Bead Embroidery Necklace .. Skulls Of The Caribbean .. I won a first place blue ribbon on this beauty .. Was I excited .. YES !!

pirate full necklace

Definitely I have grown and my direction has changed since introduced to B’sue .. Don’t get me wrong I still LOVE a great beading project ..


My 2015 Build A Line Design Line was “Adventures In The Sea” .. I selected that design line because of my love for the Ocean .. Here are a few of my necklaces from my beach line .. Words that describe this line are ..  “Adventurous” .. “Resort” .. “Beach”.. “Cottage Chic” .. “Fun” .. “Vintage Classic” and “Romantic” ..

beach jewelry


For this challenge I am taking a totally different direction .. I started a small Design Line in 2015 calling it “COUNTRY CHIC” .. I am expanding on this line for BALC 2016..

I have a good selection of chain, beads and of course B’sue components ..  they are ready to go .. Let’s see how this COWGIRL will get her giddy up on ..

supplies for BLAC


We will be using Vogue Magazine as a learning tool and also for inspiration .. I’m also adding Cowboys Indians Magazine to my reading material .. so many beautiful pieces of  jewelry and country trends in these 2 editions ..

magazine inspiration

Take a look at some of my 2015 Country Chic Designs  .. Words that describe my Country Chic Line are .. “Country Chic” .. “Western Dazzle” .. “Country Girl” .. “Vintage Classic” .. “Romantic” ..

country collage 1

country collage 2

country collage

Thank you for visiting my Blog .. I would  appreciate it if you would take the time  to comment  in the area that is provided  ..


Who doesn’t LOVE the Eagles .. Rest In Peace .. Glenn Frey .. One of my all time favorites .. “Lyin Eyes”

The list below are all participants, be sure to visit their Blogs and you can start following them also .. see you soon .. Jann


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Chris Cravens Vintage Cravens

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Gina-Marie Hammer – Tangles, Twists and Treasures

Kelly Wymer  Winged Wisdom Enchantments



60 thoughts on “Clever Designs by Jann .. Build A Line Challenge Master Class 2016 .. Part 1

  1. Loved reading your blog, Jann!
    You have amazing talent with your
    Beaded Embroidery, as well as all
    the other pieces you have done
    at the creative group. Really enjoyed reading about your past
    achievements. 🙂


  2. Loved reading your blog, Jann!
    You have amazing talent with your
    Beaded Embroidery, as well as all
    the other pieces you have done
    at the creative group. Really enjoyed reading about your past
    achievements. 🙂
    Karen Mansell


  3. I love your jewelry designs and want to thank you for sharing more about what inspires you. It has been a pleasure getting to know you through our class and the Creative Group. I cannot wait to see your cowgirl giddyup!!!


    1. thanks so much Jeanette .. I normally throw a music video into my Blogs .. The Eagles are one of my favorite groups and I simply love country music .. Looking forward to our adventure together


  4. Jann your first line was fabulous and your new theme will will take us on a beautiful journey through the would west. Love what I’m seeing Jann!


  5. Thank you so much for joining us again this year, and for all the support you have given B’sue Boutiques by being an admin and member of our Design Team. It’s a joy every week to see your collages and new designs, you certainly are a prolific jewelry maker! I know your work this year will just grow and bloom more and more as new doors and windows constantly open for you! And by the way….we are Eagles lovers here, too. They were inspired in part by cowboy music/lifestyle, so you are in good company in your creativity, there!


  6. Jann, I have loved all of your jewelry! Your theme really speaks to me. Guess it is the Colorado in me. I am really looking forward to seeing your ‘clever’ Country Chic designs.


  7. I really enjoyed reading your story. You make beautiful pieces and I wish you much success! I also, am an Eagles fan. Thanks for sharing.


  8. I always loved both your beach line and your country chic line, and I’m really looking forward to seeing an expansion of that line. Your jewelry is beautiful – so imaginative and creative. Best of luck Jann.


  9. Jann, what a pleasure to get a chance to tell you that I think you’ve picked a glorious theme, which is going to be awesome. We’ve been creating together for some time now and I must say, your designs are evolving into a class of their own. Everything you’ve posted lately has been blowing me away. I so look forward to seeing what happens with your theme. It is going to rock!


  10. Ahhhh there it is!!! There is a lesson in everything 🙂 We have learned a lot today about blogging and different formats from different Blog hosts! I love the idea of Country chic…it allows for many opportunities!


  11. Oh Jann – that’s an EXCELLENT idea to use other magazines for reference images! I’ve been pulling from different websites, and contemplating other visual resources for fairies, but never thought to mention them! Great post. I can’t wait to see what you add to the line!


    1. Thanks so much .. I love that magazine .. I’m a total visual person .. you could explain something to me and I probably would say I don’t get it .. show me a picture and I got it .. It’s going to be a fun journey ..


  12. Hi Jann, That took a bit to fix, I’m happy I am able to post my comment on your blog. I love the country chic idea and can’t wait to see what your final designs look like. I am really happy to be in this class with you, since you have more experience and I can learn from you too.


  13. Wonderful selection, cowgirl jewlery. …I love cowboy movies that is what my father and I spent hours with Jonh Wayne, Clint and so many more. I am very excited to see more ☆You are the new sheriff in town♡


  14. Thanks for sharing with us Jann!

    I have been eagerly anticipating your reveal – now I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this line. Could it be better than last year? Is that even possible?

    I said last year that I really love that first piece you created and the hard work you put into doing the embroidery – I still love it. I also absolutely adore the Sea theme you went with last year and I can see that same hard work and dedication there. That sea theme just stuck with me.

    This year – Country chic?! It is sort of a 180* but at the same time – I love it. When I lived in Texas everyone bought country themed items and not just the tourists – EVERYONE. I think this line is going to do well for you and I can’t wait to see it!


    1. Thank you so much Diana .. This line is harder because of less components .. it’s coming around finally .. I have everything set up on my table so I get the visual everyday .. Our journey together will be lot’s of fun ..


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