On Your Mark .. Get Set .. Go!

I am so excited ..  I have been accepted into the BUILD A LINE CHALLENGE sponsored by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of http://www.bsueboutiques.   Sixty spots were available and 59 members will be participating.   I cannot show you my design line until January 23.  Also on this same day we are having our first Blog Hop and we will reveal our new design line at that time. This is the first time I have participated in a Blog Hop, I’m looking forward to it, but somewhat nervous.  I will be plenty busy for the next 3 months working on my designs.

NEW YEAR NEW LOOK  .. This is January & February’s Challenge at B’sue Boutiques .. We are challenged to find a piece of jewelry that we have and to  redesign it.  I finished up on my piece yesterday.  Bottom right corner is my before and the other pictures are my after.

key necklace remade

Yesterday was Finish Up Friday (FUF) I mastered to get both of the Collage Necklace’s done.  Which one do you like?

fairy necklacedragonfly necklace set

Living in Southern California I spent many day’s at the beach, which inspires me to design some of my jewelry .. This is a piece I designed in 2014 ..

mermaid green set

Hope to see y’all soon !


12 thoughts on “On Your Mark .. Get Set .. Go!

  1. Nice post, Jann. You know I just love the fairy necklace. It is going to be an awesome gift. Just a few days now, and we will see what you are doing in your new jewelry line. 🙂


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