Looking Forward To A Great New Year .. 2015

What a year 2014 was .. One of the most exciting things for my family was my Grandson Jake, who is now 8, underwent two facial surgeries.  He was born with a medical condition called Moebius Syndrome, which is a rare neurological disorder that is present at birth.  See more at:  http://www.moebiussyndrome.com. Both surgeries were successful and we thank God for watching over Jake and his wonderful doctor’s.  This picture of Jake with his sister Madi was taken 2 weeks after surgery .. he is still recovering but you can tell his smile is developing ..

jake and madi

Do you make New Years Resolutions?  I no longer make them, however, I do set goals to better my life.  One of my new goals for 2015 is to participate in B’sue Build a Line Design Challenge.  I have everything ready to go and I hope you will follow me thru my journey.  All of my components for this challenge were purchased from B’sue Boutiques  .. If you want a great place to shop please visit:  http://www.bsueboutiques.com/.  Did you know you can win great gifts when you purchase from B’sue .. I’m still doing the happy dance on what I won yesterday. Look at all of those hearts, for sure I will be making Valentine Jewelry.

Here is a heart bracelet I made last year using some of B’sue components

heart bracelet 3

Brenda Sue Lansdowne is very generous to members of the B’sue Boutiques Creative Group .. if you’re not a member please visit Brenda’s FaceBook page and become a member .. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/bsueboutiquescreativegroup/

Here are a few recent pieces I made in December .. I’ll be sharing much more as my new jewelry line develops ..

victorian braceletheart cameo necklaceblue flower with bee necklace set
See y’all soon .. Jann



26 thoughts on “Looking Forward To A Great New Year .. 2015

  1. Great blog post, Jann. Thanks for introducing us to Jake. Grandchildren are just that, Grand! I love your jewelry. I am looking forward to seeing what you have chosen for the design challenge. Have fun with all that loot from B’sue. I spy hearts!


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