Build A Line Design Challenge

The reason for this BLOG is to announce a new Challenge that I will be participating in.  Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B’sue Boutiques is hosting this Challenge which starts in January 2015.   Each participant is challenged to design their own jewelry line.

If you follow me on FaceBook or on Pinterest you know that I jump all over the place.  This will be fun .. so be on the look out for a new line from Clever Designs.

At the bottom right side of this BLOG you will see a new BADGE which was designed by one of the members of the B’sue Group.  It will be featured on BLOGS across the www as people are gearing up to participate.  Please take a look at it and if your interested in joining a great group please visit  B’sue Boutiques Creative Group on FaceBook.

The necklace below is one of my new finished pieces and you can find it on my FaceBook page .. or on Pinterest .

Hope y’all enjoyed my second BLOG .. what an adventure !

Cameo dec challenge and fuf

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